Understanding and maximizing your social security benefits in India is essential for individuals and businesses alike. The Indian social security landscape can be complex, with various programs and regulations. That's where our Social Security Consulting services come in. We are your dedicated partner in ensuring you receive the support and guidance you need for a secure and comfortable future.

Our Services

At GTA, we offer a range of Social Security Consulting services to address your specific needs and circumstances:

1. Social Security Planning - We help you understand the various social security programs in India, including employee provident fund (EPF), employees' state insurance (ESI), National Pension Scheme(NPS) and other government schemes. Our experts guide you in planning your contributions and withdrawals to optimize your benefits.

2. Compliance and Regulatory Support - Navigating the ever-changing landscape of social security regulations is no small task. We keep you informed about the latest changes and assist you in staying compliant with all legal requirements.

3. Employee Benefits Management - For businesses, managing employee benefits and contributions can be a challenging task. We provide comprehensive services to ensure your organization meets its obligations under Indian labor laws.

4. Pension and Retirement Planning - For individuals, planning for retirement and pension benefits is a crucial part of financial security. Our consulting services help you make informed decisions to secure your future.

5. Claims and Disbursement Assistance - We assist individuals and businesses in filing claims and managing the disbursement process, ensuring that you receive your social security benefits as and when you need them.